The other day, I was entering a store when I noticed a group coming up behind me. I quickened my pace so I could open the door for them. As each of them entered, not one said thank you or even acknowledged me. As I was shopping, I thought to myself, "How rude. Not even eye contact or a head nod. What's this world coming to?"

Later that evening, I was reading in Matthew 6:19-21 where Jesus was telling us that earthly rewards fade so look to store up your treasures in Heaven and that’s where the desire of our hearts will be. For some reason, a lesson I often teach my children came to mind: 3 m&m’s now or a whole bag later. I got this lesson from a news report on impulse control in children. Young children were told to sit at a table where 3 m&m’s were placed in front of them. The children were then told if they could sit for 5 minutes without touching or eating the candy, they would earn a whole bag. Unfortunately, many failed the challenge and settled for the 3.

I thought this was an odd item to pop into my head, so I prayed to God for clarification. He then reminded me of the incident at the store…Oh. I was so wrapped up in wanting accolades for what I had done, that I didn’t allow the kind act to do what it was supposed to do…further God’s kingdom.

I had settled for my 3 m&m’s…and still didn’t get them.

I imagined being before God later and Him admonishing me:

“Well Darnell, I recall that day when you held the door open for those people. I was going to give you this giant ruby, but it seems you would’ve been more content with a “non-existent Thank You” that was never coming…Oh well…”

 (BTW, the bible does not speak of the treasures as actual gems, but for illustrative purposes, it will do)

The world will always be the world: cold, selfish, rude…temporary. Therefore, any act of kindness we do, we should do to glorify the Lord and further His Kingdom. Let’s ALL get that full bag of m&m’s…